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Jans 2010

Here is how to find your photos for each show.

ENGLISH/WESTERN/TRAIL: All you need to do is click on the "Search" button on the left hand side of the page. You may have to scroll down some, but there will be a search box.  Type in your number from the show and click on the magnifying glass symbol.  If there are photos of you, the computer will show thumbnails of them (you may have to scroll down to see them). You can click on just the ones you want to see larger, or click on the first one to be able to scroll through all of them at full size..  

If your number doesn't come up, email me to see if there are photos of you. My email is Redmiata_fun@yahoo.com.  If you let me know, I'll look harder for you at the next one.

May Show

1. Several people appear to have ridden I'm a Tobi Hobo. I didn't get all your numbers, so everyone is under number 153.

2. I didn't get all the English numbers so look under "ENN" to see if you are there. For the Western numbers I didn't get. use "WNN".

June Show

1. I didn't get all the Western numbers, so look under "WNN 2"

July Show

If you can't find your number from this show, try ENN3 for English and WN3 for Western. You will likely get all shows no number photos, but that isn't a lot.

BARRELS/POLES:  Start by clicking on "SEARCH" on the left hand side of the page. You may have to scroll down a bit to find the box to enter your information. Put your horse's name in and click on the magnifying glass symbol or hit enter.  Scroll down to see you photos in Thumbnail form. Clicking on a thumbnail opens it. 

6/29/16 Barrels

I think I matched up all the "Open" riders with their photos.  So, if you were in the open division, all of your pictures (Open, Youth and Seniors) are under your horse name, so search for that.  If you only rode in the youth division, the riders and horses didn't match up, so search "Youth" and look for yourself. There are only about 88 photos, so it shouldn't take long.

7-13-16 Barrels

I think I matched all the riders/horses to the photos for the Open and Juniors, so search using the name of your horse. Because of how the search function works, you will get your photos from 2 weeks ago and the new ones all together if I previously used your horse name. Seniors, I am sorry but it was just too dark to get good quality photos of your runs

7/6/2016 Poles

I organized these by the color of your horse. So you will have to look through a batch of photos to find if you are there, but there aren't that many for each color: Bay, Black (use BLK to search); Buckskin, Chestnut, Grey White, Paint Pinto,  Palomino, Other (includes colors I wasn't sure of because of the light). 

DRESSAGE: Click on "Search" in the menu on the left. Put your show number in the search box and click on the magnifying glass. You may have to scroll down to see the thumbnails of your photos. If you click on the first one, you can then go through them one by one at a large size on the screen.

GAMES:Your photos are by game: Half 8 (search "Half 8"); International  Flag (search "I F"); Two Barrel Poles (search "2 Barrels"), Ball and Cone (Search "B&C");  Quadrangle (I divided this into seniors and juniors, so if older than intermediate search for "Quad S", otherwise use "Quad J".

For the September Show the Games were Figure 8 (Figure 8), Poles (Poles), Speed Barrels (Speed) and Stake Race (Stakes).




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